Tomorrow's bright lights.

"Nothing drives a society more powerfully than its children. Children mark the change in a society, long before its true potential is seen and realised".

Bren's synchorny with education stems from a philosophy of development, rather than one of results.

Holistic education, where children are nurtured and developed through open learning, interaction and connected thinking, is at the core of how we see education for the child. Self discipline, a secular outlook, and moral values come from the environment of the child, who absorbs the traits and values of those around. These are important in building a confident child who can be a global citizen, with a keen sense of justice and inner strength.

Sishu Griha Montessori and High School is one of Bangalore's foremost beacons in education. Founded in 1978, the school was a pioneer in setting up the Montessori system in the city, heralding a new stream of awareness in child education. Currently in HAL 3rd Stage, the new Sishu Griha school, being built by Bren not far away, promises to deliver education true to the vision of the school, giving rise to a new generation of confident, well-rounded children.