It matters deeply when someone relies on us to deliver the home they've always wanted. It's a relationship that endures and has value, much more than the four walls of house or apartment. Bren Connect is about celebrating this relationship with each owner of a Bren home.


Owning a Bren home has advantages that go beyond quality, amenities and planning.

Bren Luminary is exclusively reserved for Bren home owners, who automatically become part of the unique Bren family.

The benefits the come with being a Bren Luminary are many. From time to time there are privileges, events, concerts, and even special offers through various tie ups and partnerships with retailers and brands.

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Bren Social is all about getting together
Have a special occasion to celebrate? We have an unusual venue for you - your upcoming project!

Birthdays, anniversaries, family celebrations - where better to have the party than at your future home! We will give you the curated space that’s available at the project, you take care of the rest. It’s that simple and it comes with support from our site office team.

This is reserved only for owners of an apartment in that specific project. and is only open to projects in the construction phase.

Space is provided on certain conditions, free of charge. Please call Bren Customer Relations to know more.
97392 61937 or


We offer services and support to home owners and communities at various points - both during the process of acquisition and after.

Making the home complete
We’d like a Bren apartment owner to live their own unique lifestyle with as few constraints as possible. That’s why we allow for certain improvements in the apartment during construction.
Addressing community needs
From time to time, we’ve helped the Resident’s Welfare Association is improve their facilities by undertaking minor enhancements in the common areas of the project.